I Have a 3 year old American Imp dog named Chanel. She is my life but I was getting very worried about her behavior. Every time I would have guests over, would bar and bite on there feet constantly. It came to a point that I didn't want to have people over anymore. Sleepless nights, oh gosh I don't know when was the last time I had a good night sleep until I heard about Paws 2 Go and how they teach dogs to behave and how people should treat each situation.

Dogs don't act a certain way just because they are that way but because they are trying to tell us something or they feel as if they are being neglected. Chanel wasn't getting enough time outside and time from me and that was my fault. I was only taking her for a walk a few minutes a day because I was tired and that wasn't fare to her. With Paws 2 Go, Chanel goes on day trips and a few walks a week including the walks I take her on every night for 1/2 an hour. She is now getting what she needs and is less anxious. I feel as if she is letting her energy out during the day trips and the walks instead of barking at my guests and biting on their feet. Chanel is more balanced, seems happier and content and I practice discipline with her because at the end of the day it all goes hand in hand.

This has been the most incredible experience and I am very happy I decided to do something about the situation. I am very grateful I brought my dog to Paws 2 Go and Chanel is now such a welcoming dog and with so much love to share.

I am a busy career woman with an adorable yet very hyper dachshund. I had been looking for a long time to find an apprpriate place where my dog would be treated with the love and attention that he deserves, yet also trained to be more disciplined and more obedient. I had tried different dog training facilities with minimal results. However, when I was referred to Paws 2 Go!, I was surprisingly pleased to find out that this was no regular dog service business. After a few visits, I noticed that my dog was more happy, disciplined, and came home exhausted and ready to sleep from all the walks and play time he had during the day. It feels great to know that my dog can get the personal and genuine love and care that I am not able to give him because of my hectic schedule. I would recommend the service of Paws 2 Go! to anyone who wants their pet to be taken care of by professionals, yet genuine animal lovers who cater to individualized needs of your pet, and treat them with the love and attention that they truly deserve!

My dog  is very energetic 8 month old male lab. Before we joined the day walks I was incredibly nervous to leave him and was concerned how he'd socialize with the other dogs. However, after a few outings, I noticed an incredible difference in how he socializes with our neighborhood dogs. Now, he joins in on the walks regularly and can't get enough of it. His mannerisms have changed for the better since he better since he started the walks - I definitely recommend every dog owner to participate!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for what you've done for Joker. He's such a different dog, when I get home from work, there's no more barking at the walls, mirrors, no more driving us crazy. He seems like he's had such an eventful day that all he wants to do is eat and rest. We love the service and even more, we love how happy it's made our dog.

Thank you so much for all you've done

I used to be a shy dog once, wasn't much of a walker I'd say since my owners didn't think that a dog that has a large backyard would require regular walks and involved in social activities. When we went on walks, I would hide behind my owner and my tale between my legs; they just though giving me lots of love, affection and treats would suffice for not walking. I used to bark when we had visitors, well no one corrected me and all they kept doing was yell in some language. Car rides, well those were adventurous as I would pant and shake the entire way.

Let's just say, I wasn't much of a dog since I was treated like a child. Looking back, I was so overprotected, wasn't given the proper discipline, boundaries and affection, all I was given was lots of love without the proper balance which in return made me very insecure. I can't begin to tell you how much my life has changed as I am now living like a dog, with lots of exercise and proper boundaries. I'm so happy my owners finally realized that me sitting all day at home, then 20 minutes in the backyard wasn't giving me what "I" needed as a dog, I need to have mental stimulation, migrate with the Pack to become the stable dog that I am now.

Dear Paws 2 Go!,

I want to thank you for the truly amazing benefit you have provided for my Kelsey - Kelsey has truly enjoyed the walks and day trips you are providing, and so am I! I have noticed that Kelsey is so much more disciplined and at ease since starting Paws 2 Go! I find I have more patience with her during our weekend hikes so well! I am a busy professional and but confident that I am learning her with someone I full trust is doing optimal work! Keep up the good work!



You can't know how appreciative I am of the work that you do with Negombo. I forgot how much work a puppy is and knowing that he is in good hands with you on his daily walk makes me feel better about leaving for work in the morning. I really appreciate your efficient feedback , it helps to correct issues before they turn into regular patterns! Your philosophy and the way that you have shaped your business set you far above the walkers who just let the dogs run wild in High Park. Its like a walk and an obedience class and good advice rolled into one super package! Thank you so much for providing a high level of care to our high energy pup!

K. & Benso

Our 3-year old Boston Terrier, FilFil, is a social butterfly.  We had enrolled her in different training courses but nothing seemed to help with what was missing.  Her anxiety was increasing and our patience was decreasing as time went by.  With our busy schedules and travel, it was becoming frustrating trying to understand her.  The question was, what was the root cause of the problem and how do we fix it?

We decided to introduce her to Paws 2 Go hoping for a change.  What we got has surpassed our expectations.  Her behaviour at home and around us has improved.  Her anxiety and negative habits have diminished.  What makes Paws 2 Go unique is that they focus on understanding dogs' needs and psychological behaviours for the long-term.  Paws 2 Go truly cares for dogs, and focuses on socializing them in a pack setting.  What we now have is a happy dog, and our sanity back.


I met Maria of Paws 2 Go! after my better half chased her flashy car. We do not readily use dog walkers or sitters but needed one for a short while. From the moment Maria walked in our door our two large, frisky dogs heeled by us quietly and eventually by Maria's feet. What was so remarkable was the energy she had with them and their reactions. I knew immediately they would be in good hands. The dog whisperer was in my house! They (Paws 2 Go) do not simply let the dogs go leash-free with little structure. There is a plan to the various walks that allow mental and physical exercise for the dogs. Our dogs came back from walks and a home stay in a happy state and behaviorally sound. On a sadder note we recently lost our Bernese Mountain dog, Cassie- she was quite young. Maria gave us guidance and support throughout our ordeal. She helped us through a terrible time and offered advice based always on what was best for our pups. She clearly cared about Cassie and our shepherd and I felt lucky I had someone who understood what we were going through.  She connects in a positive and gentle manner with dogs and I would not hesitate to continue relying on Paws 2 Go! for walks and other adventures!

-Janis Maxine.

I started using Paws 2 Go about 7 months ago. I have a German Shepherd/Husky Mix that has had some difficulty in the past socializing with other dogs and being very badly behaved in the car.  I knew I couldn't have her walked by just anyone.  I investigated a variety of places that offered either daycare and/or dog walking.  When I called Paws 2 Go, Maria got back to me right away.  I told her about the issues that my dog had and she said that the best choice was to start off with a leadership walk so that my dog would know who was “boss.”  Maria set up a meeting to meet both me and my dog.  I knew right away that Maria was “the leader of the pack” because she ignored my dog when she first arrived and then (with my permission of course) showed me a couple of corrections that I could do to stop her attention seeking behavior.

After a couple of leadership walks (that went well), we decided to try Tomi in the car to see if she could start to go on the daily adventure walks.  Maria gave her a few corrections in the car and the next week Tomi was ready for her 3 hour adventure walk.  Tomi loves the walks that she gets with Paws 2 Go and I love the fact that I can go to work, guilt free, knowing that my dog is getting a long walk with lots of exercise along with lots of mental stimulation.

  • Maria has always got back to me whenever I've called with questions.
  • She often sends me little emails giving me an update on Tomi’s progress or if she has a question about how Tomi behaves normally.
  •  I love the fact that my dog is getting socialized properly in a safe and caring environment
  • Having a 3 hour walk which starts off with a leadership walk (to get the dogs in a proper frame of mind mentally) and then off to different locations for some off trail fun, is a great way to structure the walks
  • On top of offering daily 3 hour excursions and leadership walks, Maria is also available for training sessions.  These training sessions are very helpful when she already knows the dog and can fix the behaviors that she sees (not only in training sessions but also on the daily walks)

- Louise Evans

All I can think of is he's as excited to see Marie as he is to see me, I've been told he falls asleep on top of his friends in the car on the way home, he spends the evening asleep playing & woofing in his dreams. He's become much more confident around water so I could teach him to swim this summer. Plus knowing he's worn out after a fun day out gives me the rest of the night off too.

-Jennifer Webster

Upon our initial meeting I could sense Maria's professionalism.  She assessed the situation with our dog and provided advice on how to correct problem behaviours in order to have a consistent results.

The leadership walks have made a big difference when we walk our dog.  He no longer pulls on the leash or jumps up on pedestrians. We are scheduled for a private training session on socialization and look forward to further educating our family.

I would highly recommend Paws 2 Go for the leadership walks and training advice.


My Standard Poodle puppy Casey is full of energy and working full time makes it difficult for me to give him all the exercise he requires.

Thank goodness for Paws 2 Go!

I started using Paws 2 Go because Casey was acting out and I believed it was due to lack of exercise. Well I was correct. I could see a huge improvement in his behavior after just a few outings. Casey goes on a walk every weekday with the wonderful girls of Paws 2 Go and he adores them all! He is always eager to go see his furry friends and his human ones too.

On Tuesdays, he joins them on their “day trip”. He comes home so thoroughly exhausted and sleeps for hours after his return. In fact, when I get home he is stretched out on the foyer floor and sometimes doesn’t even lift his head!!! I know that he has had a fantastic time when he is too tired to get up and greet me.

I can’t say enough good things about Paws 2 Go, their staff are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Their rates are reasonable and I know that Casey is in excellent hands.

My thanks to all the staff at Paws 2 Go for taking such good care of my boy!

-Kimberley Montgomery

Hi! I wanted to send you this! Sami has been going on adventure walks and over night stays as well as regular walks with you since she was a puppy! She is now two and a half years old. Sami has also learned lots of great behavior while interacting with the other dogs!

Sami waits by the window every Tuesday and Thursday waiting to be picked up and can't wait to get out the door! She comes home happy and exhausted!

Paws 2 Go has enhanced my dog's happiness!

I recommend them to anyone I know who has a dog!

It takes a lot to trust someone to look after your dog and I have so much trust and confidence in having Sami be with you!

Thanks for taking such great care of my baby!!!

-Marla C.

Our dog Olive adores her Paws 2 Go family! We are so lucky to have Maria, Nataly and Angi taking care of our pup. We leave for work every morning feeling comfortable and confident that our dog is in good hands. I imagine if Olive could talk she'd have lots of exciting stories and adventures to share with us when we get home (based on the adorable and fun photos that the walkers share with us from time to time)! Thank you so much for everything and a special thank you to Nataly for her love and patience with our silly Olive.

- Tamara and Kevin Macnab