About Us

Everyone wants what is best for their dog, and as we all know one of the most important things for your dog is exercise, exercise and more exercise. Without a proper daily exercise routine, your dog will become frustrated, unbalanced, out of control and have health issues.

At PAWS 2 GO we specialize in providing your dog with an exercise routine that is uniquely structured to create balance and harmony in your dog and consequently, within your household. Enroll them in the many services PAWS 2 GO offers and you will notice the positive changes in your dog.

From fun-filled Doggy Day Trips and Doggy Day Care that help stimulate your dog’s body and mind, to Pack Dog Walks aimed to provide your dog the exercise they need to have a healthy life to Vacation Care which is Boarding in our homes.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Servicing Toronto & the GTA.

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